Emma Brooke grew up in a small lake town along the Applachian Mountains in Northern New Jersey. At the age of five she was listening to Dolly Parton, her biggest musical inspiration to this day, who was just the first spark of many that would ignite Emma’s passion for music. Emma was only eight years old when she wrote her first song titled “Love At First Sight” (Cause, you know, all eight year olds know what that’s like). She became serious about songwriting at the age of fifteen when she started taking voice lessons from Zuke Smith, someone she says played a major role in building her confidence both as a person and a vocalist. At this time Emma started to learn piano as well. In 2012, Emma was granted a scholarship to attend the 5-Week Summer Performance Program at Berklee College of Music where she met musicians from all over the world and developed even further in her musicianship. After the program, Emma started to learn guitar which opened up many more doors for performance opportunities. From then on she took every chance she could to get onstage and after a couple years she decided it was time for the next big step. In October 2014, at nineteen years old, she packed her bags and headed to Nashville, Tennessee.

           As much as she loves the process of creating songs themselves, she also loves throwing them into the world and seeing what sticks. Emma strives to empower listeners through songs like ‘What Beautiful Means’ and ‘Won’t Be Moved’, and serves up some attitude on ‘See You Never’. A heart to heart connection with people is what she hopes to attain through sharing her universally emotive songs.

Emma’s 2013 EP One Day is available on iTunes, CD Baby, Google Play, Spotify, and whatever else you can think of.