If she sings it, she’s lived it. Emma Brooke is an independent singer/songwriter from a New Jersey town wrapped within the Appalachian Mountains. At a young age, her favorite artists ranged from Dolly Parton to Britney Spears. After years of deeply digesting their catalogs, both women have proven to be consequential influences in how Brooke operates as a writer and artist to this day. Bridging those influences together, she takes the core country value of storytelling and frames it with pop leaning grooves and melodies. Originally writing songs as an outlet to express herself 10 years ago, Brooke’s inspiration for writing has become bigger than simply self-expression. “I see songs as spaces of validation and I believe validation can be extremely healing. Whenever I’m writing a song that feels emotionally uncomfortable to express, it helps me to think that someone else has probably experienced something similar and a song could help them process what they feel”. Collaborating with artists and writers across all genres, her skills and passion for documenting the true essence of life’s experiences puts Brooke in a category all her own.