Story of the Song: with Angelica Robinson


When you cowrite with someone, you never know where the song’s gonna go. Some songs end up being performed by you or your cowriter a couple times. Some songs become a regular in your cowriter’s set list. Some songs don’t even leave the room you wrote it in – and that’s ok. 

BUT, sometimes, songs end up in the studio! That’s what happened with Angelica Robinson. Long story short, I met a chick (Caitie) while I was still living in Jersey. She moved to Nashville in August, and when I moved down in October we got reconnected and hung out quite a bit during my first couple months of living here. Angelica was her roomie. So, I hung out with Caitie, therefore, I hung out with Angelica.

After a month or so of knowing each other, Angelica and I decided to give cowriting a shot. It was exciting for me because ever since the first time I heard Angelica sing, I really loved her voice. I remember her saying “I wanna write an upbeat song! All the songs I have are so slow!”. Keeping that in mind, I started playing a chord progression that I’d been DYING to use in a song. 1major, 5minor, 7major, 4major. I thought it was the coolest. Angelica liked it, too. In the midst of our conversation she ended up talking about missing her hometown Fayetteville, GA. She goes “Everyone in Nashville is in a rush to get somewhere. Everybody needs to chill. And I can’t stand all the traffic!” (somethin’ like that). So I asked her what’s so great about her hometown. Her eyes lit up, and she told me about the bonfires they’d have and how they’d set off fireworks on Friday nights. Based upon that and everything else she said, we ended up with a song called “Where I’m From”.

Then, maybe a month later (I don’t remember) Angelica opened up to me about her relationship with her biological father who she didn’t meet til she was 16. She’s 20 so they’ve known each other a few years now. She said, “I’ve always wanted to write a song about this. It’s been such a big part of my life.” Since her experience was so personal, we pretty much wrote like no one would ever even hear. Sometimes you gotta write stuff just to get it out. Anyway.. we ended up with a song called ‘Daddy’.

10 months go by.

Angelica got connected with a couple producers, successfully crowd-funded a 5 track EP, and titled it Where I’m From. So obviously, I knew she was gonna record our first song.

She released the title track on her website and it was amaaaaazin. I texted her and said “I’m freaking out!! It sounds so good!” and then she texts me back “Wait til you hear Daddy.” I was like hUUUUuuuuhhhH? I swear, I hadn’t thought about this song since we wrote it. I couldn’t even think of the tune! She sent me the file and as I listened it slowly came back to me. I was surprised, to say the least. I was also in awe of it.

Being an artist is about being vulnerable and putting all your hurt and heartache out there.. It’s not the best feeling to show the world your life isn’t perfect. But, at the same time there is strength in it. There’s healing power in sharing what you’ve been through. All this being said, I’m really glad that Angelica recorded Where I’m From… but I respect and admire her for choosing to record Daddy.


Angelica’s instagram: @theangelicarobinson

One thought on “Story of the Song: with Angelica Robinson”

  1. Angelica is amazing! An old soul in a beautiful body! Daddy-was especially touching! Such talent…she will go far…plus I love her


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